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The journey to enlightenment is not only about learning to meditate.

The journey to enlightenment is not only about learning to meditate.

The journey to enlightenment is one that most be done in baby steps, it takes practice and patience get there.

Most of us consider meditation and helping others a way of enlightenment , and although it is, the real enlightenment doesn't always occur the way we want it.

Many people have difficulty getting into the process of traditional meditation, where you sit down in a quiet space, and you close your eyes and try to clear your mind of any distraction that your mind is having.

First I want to say to you that there are many ways of getting to clear your mind, many natural ways. These different steps work for different people, you need to explore the one that works for you. (I will share some of my points at the bottom of this article.)

You probably have been doing it all your life, but you haven't paid attention to it.

Think back to your childhood, what was your best daydreaming time?

What was that brought you to that daydream?

What where you doing when this to occurred ?

This is a way for you to use your memory and get back to that stage of wonder, as we grow up and more responsibilities come to us we often move away from these moments of wondering or daydreaming, the world of imagination that we once had starts to fade away from our mind.

The journey to enlightenment starts the moment we are born, whether you are aware or not, once we take that first breath our DNA is entangled with everything else here on Earth, so we begin the process of learning.

We begin to untangle all of our experiences and our thoughts that does not belong to us, we use words that are not correct with the true statement of how we feel or how we express ourselves .

Our mind gets cloudy with all the Earthly things, and we have been thought to think about your past and your future, but not about the present moment.

What if we where to re-learn that all together ? what would that look like if we where never being thought about the past or the future, but to be in this present moment?

Think about it, how free would our mind be of all the clatter?

As I am writing this I am not thinking about the past or what to expect in the future, my mind is at peace, I am not worried about who is going to read this, or who is going to agree or disagree with it , I am simply writing it words for words that pops into my mind.

Dr Dwayne Dyres said he would wake up early in the morning to do his best writing, we are being told to keep a journal by our bed and write down our dream before we place our feet on the floor, why is that?

The reason is because we are in the present moment, in an alternate state, our thoughts about the day ahead or what happened yesterday has not hit us yet, but the moment we begin our day the mind starts to get cloudy with all the other thoughts that run through us.

When I was a child I loved to sing or hum , I loved how my imagination would take me to a place where I was happy, where everything and everyone was happy and peaceful.

As I grew up I learned that life’s not that way, that there is hurt, and that if you daydream too much you will get in trouble, because it not a way of living here on Earth.

I was thought that if I was different, kids did not like me, I was made fun of if I cried when someone was hurt, that if an animal was hurt and I want it to heal it I was made fun of it, then the bullying started.

I did not know then, that I was born with the gift of healing, compassion, and Emphaty and that this gift would be the most important thing I would have, and that it would me to serve many others too .

So my entanglement kept me stuck, until I used my imagination again and began to meditate, this was where the most challenges was to overcome for me, as I had a hard time to sit in a quiet space, and connect with something that was not familiar to me, or that I was not aware of.

This took month that turned into years, still I was never able to reach the connection that my fellow students would get, I would somehow fall asleep and then when my teacher would ask us to discuss what we felt or saw … I got nothing .

This was frustrating, until I learned to let it just be, just allowing what would come and trusting myself, when it was my turn to speak, things that I was not aware of would be described, So the road to enlightenment had begun for me.

The healing, the peeling back the layers of false believe was to take place before I could reach any sort of real change, I had to keep pushing forward, into the unpleasant experiences that had taken place during my life, and learning the lessons.

We have many lessons to overcome, they are never mistakes, they are lessons to help us grow and experience our life here on Earth that we come to learn and grow from.

The experiences are part of our enlightenment ,untangling every experience, feeling that feeling and just move through it, until you are free from the grip of fear, pain , and judgement .

Understanding what things happen the way they happen is part of our enlightenment, our growth as a soul here on Earth, learning forgiveness in the unconventional way, and love the people who hurts us the most, that is enlightenment , have you been able to love someone who hurt you so much, without receiving an apology ? That is enlightenment !

Here are some of my points of enlightenment, these may not be for everyone,but I found these to be effective for me.

1- Learn to quite your mind

2- Try different ways to meditate

3- Trust yourself

4- Connect with nature

5- Use music

6- Be by yourself often

7 -Don’t force anything

8- Be patient

9- Disconnect from social media

10- Journal

11- Don't compare yourself with anyone

12- Learn to listen to your body

13- Discover what is your energetic signature

14- How do you see yourself

15- Set healthy boundaries

16- Find a mentor or coach to help guide you

Use a journal and journal if you can, not all people can journal, this is where the technology comes in handy, you can speak it in your phone or whatever device you have to help you keep track oh it.

Getting to know you and your body, what is your energy or what is not yours? As in Emphatic this took the longest to understand and differentiate, I would pick up all the aches and pain, anger, frustration, emotions from everyone else, and I though that they where all mine, even things in the environment I would feel, now I know what belong to me and what does not.

Now I am helping others with this same experiences, having someone who has gone through it helping you discover this is very important, we all have teachers or mentors, every one needs one, this is how we lift each other up, by sharing and having an open mind, feeling the fear and still pushing through it.

Find a mentor that you connect with and that has had the a similar experiences of you, this will make it easier for you because they will understand you in a deeper level, if you trust , you will be directed by your guides, all you have to do is ask that the right person to help you will come to you or show up on your path.

I hope that this has giving you some comfort and guidance to find some peace in your heart.

If you feel called to connect with me, I do offer guidance coaching classes, just check my website.

With much Love

Carmala 🤍

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