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I'm Carmela

Intuitive healer, Teacher, Coach, Speaker, Author & Medium.

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For the last 20 + years I have done my best to serve with my gifts by offering Hands-on Healing, Messages, Guiding Meditation Classes and Workshops, Speaking on the subject of Spiritual Work and Guiding Students in finding their own path to spirit and Mediumship. As an Intuitive- Empath and Spirit Medium I am pleased to offer a connection, guidance, and coaching. My true passion is helping others find their own true connection.


I look forward to serving you.

Get to Know Me

You don't resonate with everyone. That's why I created my clarity call, to give you the opportunity to meet me before you make a decision.

My Story

Through all of these titles, it is my deepest wish to provide peace, joy and love through connecting you with Spirit Guidance. This is what connecting with Spirit has done for me as well. In my 30’s I found my own Spiritual Mentor that assisted me in having confidence in the messages that I was already receiving. It has helped me find my center after a challenging childhood that included losing my mother at 8 yrs old, bullying, and confusion over my own spiritual gifts.


I was introduced to Mediumship for the first time when I was given a Message from my Mother. There was an old man that sat at the entrance of my small town of Monteleone, Italy. He gave messages from spirit to people entering and exiting the town. I was 14 and just about to leave for my new home in Toronto, Canada when he shared my Mother’s message with me. It sparked my curiosity and passion to learn more! As I married and raised a family I learned and studied where I could, but found my true calling when I found my true teacher. With guidance and mentorship I found my passion for Teaching and supporting the growth of those searching for deeper meaning and for their own guidance and sense of connection.

My Studies

Daniel Leonard

Shamanic Practitioner

Vera Molinaro
Meditation Connecting with spirit and Energy Healing Certificate

Reiki Certified 1-2

Fred Commission
Meduimship - Platform Work - Shape Shifting

LilyDale Assembly
Awareness of Energy and Mediumship

Coaching Federation
Certified Life Coach for Healthy and Wise

Elizabeth Larson
Meet the Body Process and Sedona Method

The Medicine Circle
Bear and Shamanic Energy Healing

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