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Let me answer your questions and get to know eachother.


Carmela, you are a beautiful soul.  I want to thank you so much for also helping me find myself.  Searching for my purpose on earth.  I am experiencing more peace, harmony, love and communication with myself and my surroundings.

I will now end with a response I gave to Carmela when talking about having the spirit attached to me that she loved….I finally gave birth.

Kathy Garland

I believe how you have assisted me with my spiritual growth has been your openness to listening to me and being honest with what you feel in return. 2. You bring your sincerity and open mind to any conversation. 3. After a session with you I feel a sense of groundedness and connection that may have been missing prior. 4. My meditations have acquired a deeper connection within myself that has helped me feel a greater peace overall.

Christine Hall

After meditation feel calmer and relaxed. Find you are a very caring person. You know when to push. Do no mean that negatively. Sometimes I need help to find my footing. Am glad have met you and think of you as a friends who understands how hard it is to make changes to improve ourselves.

Carmela has helped me in my spiritual growth like no one before her. She has helped me find a deep awareness and connection with the world and beyond. I am more in tune with the world and myself because if her teaching. She has taught me a mindfulness that was quite absent in my life. I am more able to listen to my true self and my intuitions without too ouch second guessing or over analysis.

Her words and her approach brings a calm and “slowed down” perspective to life. She guides you in way so that you can cut through all the crap and get down to the honest nitty gritty of your intentions, thoughts and actions.

After a session with Carmela, I see more clearly and am much calmer and positive. I feel stronger and powerful in all aspects of my life. A visit with her doesn’t end with us saying goodbye (not sure it ever ends). She is a continuous voice in my ear reminding me to slow down and observe, see the positive or just snap out of it.

Bess Joahanson

Working with Carmela has been such an incredible journey for me. She is such a beautiful soul who has the compassion and desire to help her clients heal and live their best lives.

My session with Carmela was very powerful, uplifting and resulted in such positive outcomes. It cleared out my old thinking patterns and energies that had been holding me back without consciously knowing it.

I felt as though I was a Rubik’s Cube that was all miss-matched and out of sorts. After my session, I felt like I was back in alignment and all the colours of the cube were matched up at long last. Thank you for your passion and dedication to helping heal people. I look forward to working with you again soon.


I cannot praise Carmela enough.  Carmela performed a cleansing in my home in Brampton.  Wonderful experience.  I then moved to another home and started noticing spiritual activity.  I was also getting ill and nothing was healing or curing me of my symptoms.  I knew I had to contact Carmela once again.  I am so glad I did!  Immediately she knew it was the land my house was built on.  Living in Niagara on the Lake comes with a big history of the spiritual world.

Carmela came to my home within a few days.  She felt the negative energy immediately.  She knew the spirits with connection to the land and able to tell me their history.  As for my illness that was so terrible and painful, it was one of the spirits who was attached to me.  A middle aged man who become ill and went through pain of a disease before dying.

Carmela started the cleansing and gave me instructions on what to do to help continue removing the negative energy.  From the moment she started I already felt the pain lift and the surroundings lighter.  And with each passing day my home was getting more positive energy.  More clear, lighter.

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