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Follow your Heart and Trust Yourself .

I wish that someone would have told me this sooner, but it took me a while and a few falls to learn to trust myself.

Having an idea or opportunity and following it is two different things , everyone in a life time will have an idea or opportunity , but not everyone will pursue them.

One will never know, if that idea or that opportunity will work unless we choose to pursue it, really tuning into that feeling of where its coming from, and trusting ourselves listening and paying attention, when we connect from that Center and align within the heart, then, we will know for sure if that "idea" is coming from the right place, or that opportunity is presented from a good source.

Many times I have had an idea or an opportunity and did not follow it, because I gave my power away to someone else who I believed that was better then me, and in many cases I turned opportunities down because the reason behind wasn’t honest, I remember when I was offered a full time position, but I turned it down because they did not follow protocol, that position was by seniority , and I was not the next one in line to get that job, but because ( they did not like that person) I felt that it was not the proper way to go about, I wanted to be honest and so I told them that they should be given that position to the right candidate next in line.

I know that not everyone would have done this, but hey this is who I am,I often wonder if that would that have change the course of my life journey, probably not.

Walking this life path with integrity is what I wish to do, will I always made the right choice ?

Probably not, but I can say that I mostly did because I want to have a clear heart and a clear mind, we are living in a human body and we will definitely stumble, the big issue that I see is when things are done in purpose to hurt another, to me that is a big NO.

Making mistakes is where we grow, learn and expand, we are all here to do the same thing, for the most part it is to grow experiences and feel the feelings.

My wish for you, who is reading this is to have an amazing time exploring your life path, dance love laugh, and do it all with your hear full, and with integrity, be honest and trust your feelings.

with much love


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