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Changes equals Growth

In this Blog we can delve a little into some specific examples of changes that occur in our lives from a metaphysical perspective.

As the river constantly flows so does our life here on earth, and understanding this can bring some relief.

This could include exploring how event such as ending, beginning ,transitions , and challenges are not just random occurrences but are interconnected with our Spiritual growth and evolution.We can discuss how these changes can be seen as opportunities for self-discovery, Healing, and aligning with our higher purpose.

By examining these changes through a metaphysical lens, we can gain a deeper understanding of the underlying patterns and meaning in our live's.

As a Human being, we are always shifting, some are changes that go unnoticed and some are drastic, ether way from a metaphysical aspect, these are necessary for our soul evolution, we just need to take our attachment and the control out of the way.

The hardest the change in our life, the bigger the reward can be, but it is also always a prospect view point, one can view things bad, and they will only see the negative out of it, and some can view things positive and more of the positive will show up, leading to many more unexpected great things.

Let's look at my profound experience, I was 9 when a my mom passed away, that major change shifted my life in such a way that at the moment was horrible, my dad got remarried shortly after, my stepmom that was control freak, and she would not teach me anything, and my dad got sick after a few years too, that was another major shift in my short human years, this shift brought me to another country where I did not understand the language, and I had to learn everything from the beginning , but unknown to my conscious self, this was all pre-setup to help me shape into the person who I needed to become, for the work that I was called to do, the work that I am able to do now, is help others understand these major changes, and guide others to shift into their positive thinking.

That is just a short version of the major changes that happened to me, and in those changes I had to learn how to love myself, how to be kind to myself, how to take ownership of my actions, to heal myself in order to move ahead into a place that I am able to look at a situations and stay neutral for the most part, some things still shake me, but it is still all part of the growth and expansion of our soul, I am able to move out of those moments more quickly then I used too, it take time and patience to move trough some of the shift and changes that are occurring regularly in our earthly life.

I hope that this little blog has given you a new prospective in your life, and it helps you in shifting in a positive way of thinking.

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