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Speaking/Standing In Your Truth & What That Means To Me

When someone says to you “Speak your truth” what exactly do they mean?

Does it mean that you must be mean or blunt? Or does it mean you can speak with certainty and honesty without been hurtful?

To me, speaking my truth means that I can express my opinion with genuine feelings but not in a hurtful way about how my emotions or feelings are at that very moment. Standing in my truth means that I am allowing my feelings to be validated and expressing how my boundaries have been invaded or violated by others. Speaking the truth for a lot of people, especially if you are an untrained Empath, is very difficult to do. A typical internal conversation of an untrained Empath might go something like this...

“Hmm this is not sitting well with me. But if I say something it may upset them or even hurt their feelings. They already have enough on their plate, this is probably why they are upset and it’s coming out towards me in that way.”

So as you can see, this is why usually nothing is said about the other person being hurtful or how they have disrespected our boundaries. The predicament then becomes one that has a domino effect.  We begin to store away resentful feelings and to push an Empath to their wits end means that they will generally come out swinging and again this action can definitely have a greater negative impact and cause bigger issues because it can be taken in the wrong way or it is said with anger.

The above scenario is a result of an Empath storing negative emotions to spare another’s feelings. However, by doing so we hurt ourselves. So in order for us not to feel this way, the super sensitive Empath needs to learn to speak up when something is not sitting right with us. When someone has crossed the line, and by being kind we can stand in our truth without worrying about that person walking away. Simply said, if the other party is genuine then they will understand and be respectful but if they are in it for just their own benefits, then eventually they will walk away no matter what you do or say.

In this world, there are givers and there are takers. There are also teachers and students. On the same hand, you cannot allow someone to keep taking without consequences, without respecting your boundaries or your feelings. Standing in your own truth means standing up for your feeling(s), honoring your soul, and for who you truly are, even if it means not being understood at that moment. Speaking the truth means speaking up for yourself on how you are feeling and what you are sensing. Your feelings ARE valid, whatever is good for others may not be good for you and in respecting that then that is the truth.

The truth of the soul, it is being honest, humble, respectful, understanding, saying what you mean in a non-hurtful way, helping without imposing, asking permission when feeling the need to help others first, listening, paying attention to others feelings, being patient, allowing others to stumble and learn on their own, giving others time to be without pushing their boundaries, and respecting their feelings. In honoring others feelings you are honoring your feelings as well.

We must remember that we are different and each one of us has come to this earth to learn and teach different lessons but we have lost our way in this thick energy to be as we had intended to be: pure essence of love, truth and light. The truth is the universes medicine and it is good for the soul. We are all one connected by our energy, unseen but it is there. We came to extend our soul learning about life on earth, not to judge and be hurtful or better the others, we came here to co-create with one another.

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