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A Beginners Guide to Smudging

Steps on how to clear your space

You’ve been feeling that your space may need some clearing and cleansing, but you haven’t done this before and you think, ‘How hard can it be?’ After all you’ve seen it done before, and you’ve been told to just light up some sage and set an intention, but what else could be done? Is there a proper way? Or is there another way?

There are so many ways, and so many different tools to use, that it can be a little overwhelming and confusing, I will try to keep it simple and short and will be doing more on this topic on at a later time.

So, lets get real here, at first, it was a bit convoluted. Thankfully, I had some teachings to help me with sharing the intention of the smoke clearing, but I had no idea of all the other herbs and methods that could be just as important and powerful.

There are literally hundreds of ways to clear and protect yourself and your sacred space. Learning what works best for you is the first step, every nationality has their own traditional way of using herbs and other items that have been passed down to them in generational tradition and secret.

Many of the old ways have not been shared, and probably never will and this is not because no one wants to share their secret rituals, but simply because they have not been written down. Not all of them saw these are sacred rituals, it was just something that our grandmother and mother did as part of a daily routine.

What I have discovered is that many protections and traditions overlap each other in some way. They have learned from someone somewhere along the way or they may have heard of a lady in a different part of town that they have used oils to clear away some disease or that they have used salt to protect from illness, so they have incorporated that along with whatever they where already using and created something more powerful.

The truth is that everything has a healing property to it, the way you use it makes all the difference. If I were to share all of them here, you would be reading a book and not an article. So for the sake of simplicity, let’s keep it short. Perhaps there will be a book in my future.

Below you’ll find a few things that I feel are a great place to start. They are simple yet effective and great building blocks for your future endeavours.

Basic Ritual for Clearing/Cleansing a Space

I. Place the herb of your choice into a fire-resistant container, make sure the container is clean from other debris.

II. Pray over the herbs and container, giving thanks and stating your intention, talk to your herbs or incense that you are using, tell them what it is that you need from them.

III. Ask permission to the herbs, listen to the answer that they will communicate with you, sometimes they will let you know that they are not the right ones to use at this moment.

IV. Always begin at your entrance of the house and move in a circle manner throughout the whole house, ending back at your front entrance.

V. As you go through your space and the rooms, using a sweeping motion upwards with the smoke, pay extra attention to your corners, where energy usually gathers, pay attention to your intuition, listen to your body and what it tells you.

VI. It is best to have some or all the windows open, to allow the energies to leave your house.

VII. Once you have finished and are back to your starting point, honor the herbs and thank them by standing silently for a few minutes. Tuning into your intuition, ask if there is anything left to do before you close the circuit.

VIII. Closing the space: praying of gratitude for the plants/herbs that you used, thanking the spirit(s) and your space for holding the clear and clean energy with the highest and most pure intent.

VIIII. Envision a stream of white silvery light washing over and inside your house.

Holding that intent at your front door for anyone who will step through that they also will be cleared and cleansed, that anything attached to them will be left outside of your door.

Discarding your offerings

I discard mine after it has finished burning and it is cooled down. I scatter the ashes outside my front door with the intention that the herbs will be protecting my space.

Herbs to Use

Over the years, I have created an arsenal of herbs that I have learned to utilize. I’ve attached some photos to show the state they are in and how I use them in real time.

  • Sage alone or combined with tobacco.

  • Rosemarie with Basil or Basil and Olive leaves

Sometimes I will leave a stick of cinnamon burning for a while or you can also add lavender or rose petals. If I use incense, I don’t usually mix this one with anything else.

There are many other ways to purify and clear your space, as I said before there is no way I could cover them all in this article, but I do hope that this has helped you in some small way.

A sample of incense placed in a bowl to showcase what they look like in their raw forms.
Sample of Incense that are used in clearing a space of unwanted energy.


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