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Training your Mind to Think Positive

Positive thinking is something you must work on. Training your mind to think positive is much like going to the gym, the more you practice the better and stronger you get. You are not going to wake up one morning and voila! be a positive thinking person! Your mind is a muscle, so why don’t we treat it as one? It took me years to change my thinking from a negative poor me attitude to a positive relaxed one. I still fall back from time to time but it’s such a short time period, that it almost goes unnoticed when it does. Many things have changed in my life since I chose to change my attitude and beliefs. The shifts have happened in small waves and some major ones, but all have happened because I have shifted my thinking from poor me to a thankful appreciation for all that I have. And remember that what is coming to me, I must face with positive thinking and that it is all for the highest good.

How Do You Train Yourself to Think and Be More Positive?

Start by writing something positive about yourself. Something small that you already like about yourself and every morning say it back to yourself (it actually helps to look at yourself in the eyes when you do this) then, every week add something that you have a hard time thinking about yourself that is positive. Say it to yourself wherever possible throughout the day, it helps to write it on a post it note and put them wherever you are going to see them, in your car, at the office, on the bathroom mirror, and recite it to yourself over and over until it becomes easy to say it. This will trigger an elevated boost in your mind and spirit, and you start to believe in yourself more and more. As you elevate that spirit, you begin to see synchronicites happening in your daily routine. You always find a parking spot or that you have good things happening to you. They don’t necessarily have to be big things, make sure you give thanks to those things as they happen and keep the positive affirmation going, before you know it things have shifted. This will take time, so please don’t rush and don’t give up, you will fall back from time to time, but keep going forward. You see, it’s like anything that we must train for, a baby has to learn how to walk before he can run, or like when you were a child and needed to learn how to write your name, you had to practice every day until one day you just did it. It’s all about shifting your perception of how our society has taught us, we are victims of not knowing better and understanding that life does not have to be difficult or stressful.

Can Anyone Do This?

Yes, of course anyone can! But there has to be the will to change. You can share your ideas, or encourage someone to see things in a positive way, but if they are not ready there is no use. This is where the detachment practice comes in for you, you must separate from the idea that you can change everyone, as not everyone is ready to change. Sometimes people that are not ready for the positive changes get upset with you, because they don’t quite understand your positivity of looking at life with a sense that everything comes to you with ease, this is when in fact the true lesson comes in for you. You will experience resistance by your friends and loved ones, and it can drag you down but this is where your soul will grow. You will stand your ground, as you don’t want to go back to where life was a drag, the feeling of going against the grain and nothing went your way. This is where you congratulate yourself! So as a teacher you can support and keep positive for you and them, and before you know it they have begun to change too! Like I said earlier, it’s not an overnight thing, there is no magic pill for anything, you must work and believe it! Nothing comes without working at it. You know the phrase “Practice makes perfect” Well, it’s appropriate for a lot of things. If you want positivity you must practice and believe it, stop hanging out with the ones that are dragging you down. If you practice the positive thinking, soon enough those people will leave your life too.

A Few Examples of My Positive Thinking

When I started my journey, I was very much an introvert, with the Why ME attitude. I did not like myself, did not like much about things, so I began with waking up in the morning and going to my bathroom and staring myself in the mirror and telling that person that she was strong! I also stated to myself that I was worthy of love and happiness! Then I began asking the universe for a parking spot close to the entrance of whatever store I was going to, and believing in it, and 99 out of 100 I would get it. So this boosted my positive thinking and my belief system that if I thought and believed it that things would change. Soon I started giving thanks for the bills that I would receive, and listing why I was thankful and positive about them (my phone bill, I am thankful for the phone so I can keep in contact with my children. For my hydro bill, for with out I would not have electricity to use my computer, cook my meals, and see at night and also to keep me warm. For my mortgage bill for without one I would not have been able to have this beautiful home). The list goes on and on, soon after I would find myself going to the bank and telling the cashiers to pay these lovely things, after a few times one of them asked me, “Why do you keep referring them to these beautiful things?” So I explained to her that without these I wouldn’t have anything. She looked at me and said “I would have never thought that, I must start to do this!” Oh and did I mention that my bills have also seemed to have slowed down, where before it seemed that they were coming every day. Now they seem to come once a month sometime it seems longer. Do not ever take things for granted, always, always give thanks and gratitude!

Prayer For Positivity and Gratitude

Dear Lord, grant me the strength in keeping positive Asking for your love and support I give thanks for my life and all the goodness that I am able to have and give to others, keep me and my loved ones safe and always protect us all. Please help me see how I can help others be more positive and loving with themselves and others. Always praising you for the goodness that enters my life, and the fife of others. May your love shine bright on those who need it the most. And so it is Amen

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