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The Harmony Circle

A Meditation and Healing Class

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Is this class right for you?

Do you already meditate?

Are you looking to go deeper, beyond meditation?


This is a sacred circle. A Healing and sharing meditation CIRCLE.

Sacred, judgement free space is created for Healing and sharing in a relaxed and safe manner.

Our group will gather to deepen our meditation skills and practices.


This Class Provides

1. Grounding
Anchoring down into Mother Earth allows you to feel more present into your daily life, and it leaves you calmer.

2. Healing
Healing is created by deepening your Spiritual Practice and learning to release blockages, anger, stress, and much more.

3. Support 
We all have been there, felt frustrated, angry, alone, and misunderstood. This class will provide sacred loving space without judgement, just an open heart.

4. Sharing
Remember when you where a kid and they told you “sharing is caring?” In sharing with others, it will also heal you! Sharing also allows you to be part of a sacred group where you are not alone. The community of sharing is healing to everyone.

5. Deeper Connection to Self
Once you let go and trust, it will become natural for you to get deeper into who you truly are. This allows you to release old blockages that may have been in place for many years. Once these blockages are released then you will feel the positive shifts occurring throughout your life.

First class

Thursday Night 7-9 pm March 07, 2019
411 Huronia Rd. unit 5 (Suite Success)
$20 per Class
 or $80 for 8 Classes

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