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Sacred Circle of Eight

By coming together and creating a sacred circle we can send out healing and receive healing!

Would you like to join me in creating a gathering for a sacred Circle of 8 Healing?

From experiments performed by Lynne McTaggart, she found that the power of healing thoughts sent out to someone in every circle, comes back to heal everyone! 


You can learn more about The Power of 8 and Lynne McTaggert Here

No experience necessary, you only need to commit to this beautiful Sacred circle.

I ask that this Circle is held with honor and the outmost respect. I ask that the judgement will be left at the door before coming in to join this Sacred circle.

Every Saturday from 1-3 pm Starting March 9,2019
411 Huronia Rd.unit 5 ( Suite Success)

Cost – This will be on a loving donation only to help pay for the space.

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