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Your progress is Unique just like YOU

Do you know,that you are exactly where you are supposed to be ?

The purpose of your life is to progress each and every day, dance to the rhythm of your own beat, and don’t forget to have fun.

It is the law of the Universe, you are supposed to evolve, change ,grow, expand , and become the best version of your yesterday .

This is why, today you will do better then you did yesterday, and you will be able to accomplish things that you couldn’t be able to accomplish when you didn’t understand on the level that you understand today.

We evolve in every aspect, the way we understand the universe, the way we co-exist with others, the way we respond to situations and so forth, this is also why some people don’t stay in our life for a long time, when we get to that fork on the road, there came's a time where you both have to take that different path to travel the rest of your lives, in order to help others, but in the end you will see each others again , it may not be here, on this earth but you will come together again, to celebrate, the accomplishments that we have done here on Earth.

I hope this makes sense to those going through some hardships, and that will help in some way to know that you are not alone.

I have gone through so many hardship, from the loss of my mother at a very young age, to many friends and family members endings.

When you are in the middle of such chaos or heartaches, they all seem so unfair and hurtful, but beyond that pain and suffering there is so much growth and teachings , there is so much love from beyond this universe, because of these situations that are so hard to go through here on earth, and it takes so much strength from your soul, once you will understand the full reason for going through this harsh situation , you will see that it could only come from a very strong loving place.

Without these situations and challenges, one could not evolve, change or grow to understand different options and situations, and to become that unconditional loving soul.

With much love to you from my heart to yours 💞.

Carmela ~ Arising Spirit

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