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The Growing Pain Of Humanity

We are going through a transition; evolving is not an easy task for a human, but it is something that has always been taking place. As we do our research, and we study the history books.

We have been evolving for thousands of years, there have been many hurdles that humans have had to adapt and overcome here on earth in order to grow, learn or expand, as far back as the caveman, we had to search for things that were better for us, simpler, and easier.

As time and years passed we evolved in our thinking, the discovery of making the lives of our loved ones easier and less stressful.

We as a humans race have reached that point again, needing to evolve. It's hard to change since we are set in a comfortable place, comfortable thoughts and beliefs so that each time there is a chance to evolve we become afraid of the unknown in front of us. We are comfortable where we are, and we fight the changes that can help us expand in many ways, just like growing pains, we are growing right now, and the growing pains that we are experiencing is evoking the flight or fight response that our emotions know very well.

I'm going to speak in a language that I know too well, the food language. We are comfortable with our own spices that we, as each region, uses in their staple foods and we are tempted to experience with different spices. However, sometimes these other spices are a great addition to our already great recipe that works, and sometimes it can ruin the whole dish, but without trying we don’t know if it will work or not so we give it a try to see how it turns out.

When we add a new spice to our staple dish, we may expect it to turn our great and most of the time it does. So then we are expanding our knowledge and we add it to our pantry and when it does not go well, then we remove it and don’t add it on, but at least now we know.

Just as in cavemen times, we have added many things to our pantry to get to where we are today, and now we are at that crossroad again in terms of growing and expanding. Experimenting with something that is pushing us to expand and evolve, some of us are in this flight or fight mode because our brain is bombarded with so many emotions and feelings, that we are pulled in many directions and we are losing sight of what to believe, or what it can be for us and our future family.

Think of a situation that you have been in where you had no time to think but only to react, something big, something that once it was over you looked back and said to yourself 'Holy sh**t! I would have never thought that I had it in me to do that!' Yet, when given the chance to think about it, we analyze it and dissect that we begin to doubt our own ability and the strength that we posses.

We also, as individuals, come to earth to help each other expand and grow, and this is done through the opposite. We are being shown in the mirror the opposite of ourselves through another human being, We all come here with a purpose, and we all come in many groups infiltrating many others, and we often fit great together, then just like a spice, we add one that can throw our taste buds for a loop, and are we ready to throw away the whole dish? Or do we try to adjust to it?

Where we would be today if, during cavemen times, we did not expand and grow? Would we still be hunting for our food? Would we still be wearing animal skins? Would we be living long lives? And would we be driving and living in a nice house?

I'm not saying that every growth and expansion was a great success, but I know that the human race as we once knew is now evolving into a better one, we will be able to use more of our brain capacity, our DNA must expand in order to accommodate our growth and expansion, and with that expansion comes growing pains, we need to be ready to grow. In order to have this happen, we must act from a place of love, a place that we feel comfortable, and that place only comes with time.

We must endure the growing pains right now; we will get through this because we are great beings, we are stronger than we think, and we are light beings smarter and resilient. Let's tap into that and see where it takes us.

Say 'Fu** you!' to fear, stand in your heart and be the light that you are, show the world that we are able to rise above anything once again.

Let’s hold space for each other wherever each one of us is right now. In fear, anxiety, stress mode, or a peaceful state, we are united in many ways, not just one way. Many things need to go into a single dish to make it amazing, so let’s celebrate each other, let's build a greater future with better knowledge.

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