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That Feeling of Emptiness, Can Be Changed

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

In a world full of technology and so much at our fingertips, we may feel so isolated, alone, and empty inside. We have lost the true connection to happiness and to ourselves .

As mothers, or parents/guardians our lives revolve around our children. Making sure they are taken care of as well as making sure all their needs have been meet as much as we can.

Most days, especially if you are a working parent, you come home exhausted and still have to make dinner, clean up, bathe the children, make lunches and make sure that their homework is done. As a modern parent(s) most days we are running on empty which may leave us feeling tired and frustrated.

Growing up, for me, was different. I lived on a farm, had animals, and I had my own chores to do at 7 years old before I went off to school. It wasn't easier then, it was just different. Yet, my parents were not stressed like we are now, although now we have more available to us, we in some ways have less.....back then we did not have all of the commodities, conveniences and electronics that we have now, but we lived a richer life.

A life more filled of free time; time to enjoy each other. Learning happened through a hands-on approach. Fresh food, more natural, because most people had their own gardens and food growing. We would eat with the seasons. Food shipped in from foreign places was not a thing. I did not even know about canned food, the fruit and vegetables that were grown by us, for us, had so much more flavor to it then it has now. Just like the food tastes different, more flavorful from your own garden, when is season. As life changes and we have access to more, we crave more, but the materialism that we crave is cutting us off from the very thing that as sustained us for many centuries.

I get it, we all want better, we want less suffering for our children, we want them to have what we did not have, but the one thing that we are striving for is destroying it at the same time. The old ways are not always better, some of the old ways are not working anymore, they are outdated, they do not provide us with the ability to learn in a way that we could all those centuries ago. Everything is at our fingertips now, we can do research and find information everywhere, but how do we know if that information is true? The very thing that we created to help us come together, is in fact tearing us apart.

We often don't pick up the phone and call anymore. We opt to send a text or a virtual message. We do not sit around a table or a fire to tell stories anymore. We are all so busy with our electronics, games, tv, and other things, that we don't want to sit and listen to the tales of how things got their names, or how to be aware of any energies that could create havoc around you, how to connect to a tree, an animal, or how to tell if the weather was going to be in the following season.

I would love the times around the winter fire, those times meant learning about the old ways. Lessons on how they learnt to grow their vegetables, what plants were best to use for an upset stomach, or how to react if you where faced with a wild animal or someone that wanted to harm you. How to cook amazing and simple delicious food(s), how to make your own bread, these where all teachings that we could not learn from a book or the internet. These experiences are the best teachings, we believed in the simple things, to be happy with what you have, to appreciate all that you had and if you got a treat it was the best thing ever.

I have found that the more I was searching for things in the outside of me the more empty and alone I felt, the more online connections I had the more I felt alone.

In fact the search outside was one of confusion, emptiness and frustration.

When I choose to stop chasing and re-focusing within, that is when things begun to change for me, I had lost my focus, and I was chasing things that made me feel disconnected just to fit into a make-believe of someone else's idea of me.

I had lost my connection with Earth, the connection to the animals, and to the simple food and medicine.

I am proud to be an Empath, a medicine woman, a witch, a priestess, or whatever other name out there that is trying to describe a soul who is connected to the Spirit world.

I am a proud Mom of two strong women, and a Grandmother that wants to share her wisdom and teachings; Old traditions of beautiful recipes full of healing with no chemical(s) and only pure energy for Our Earth mother.

So disconnect from the outside to re-connect with the inside and put down your phone. Next time you want to send a text, call instead and connect with that persons voice. Listen and feel the connection, learn from the Earth, from your elders, your animals. Reconnect with your own body. listen carefully it will tell you everything you need to know.

Maybe, perhaps, you won't feel the emptiness of the connection that you crave most, the connection with yourself.

- Carmela Lamanna

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