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Scientific Research about Meditation.

Dr. Robert Schneider has conducted research regarding the different meditation techniques and the effects that it has in the overall human experience.

He says that helps you Heal, especially cardiovascular disease it has shown a 48 % reduction in Heart attacks, strokes, and death.

The American Heart Association released a statement saying that decades of research indicates that Transcendental Meditation lowers blood pressure and maybe considered by clinicians as a treatment for High blood pressure.

In fact in 2012 a review of 163 studies that was published by the Amarican psychological Association concluded that the transcendental meditation technique had relatively strong effects in reducing Anxiety , Negative emotions ,traits anxiety, while aiding learning, memory, and self realization.

Mindfulness Meditation showed effects in reducing negative personalities traits and stress, improving attention .

Meditation affects people in different ways, one improves different then the others, this can be because of the chemical balance or imbalances in some individuals, creating a meditation practice that work best for you is the key to self improvement.

The 3 mediations are:

  1. Transcendental Mediation (Maharishi)

  2. Mindfulness ( Buddhism )

  3. Guided visualization Meditation .

This inspiration comes Buddha "The mind is everything, what you think you will become"

Meditation is the best way to allow your nervous system to rest, these meditations are not the only ones out there, there are more of the relaxation meditation that do the same thing, I personally enjoy working with herbs, going for a walk by the lake or water, doing some forest bathing, and listening to music, meditation is whatever puts you in the 'zone' of relaxing your mind from overthinking.

In other words Meditation will help heal the body not just of cardiovascular or high blood pressure , but of many other issues that we face in todays Society,

now more then ever we live in a super stressed environment, and knowledge is power, research, empower yourself and life a life full of joy.

With Love


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