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Calling in the power of healing through meditation.

We are more then our body and thoughts.

As we grow and understand more, we are beginning to understand that we are not powerless, we need to take better care of ourselves , when we understand that we can take back our power and become better at taking care of ourselves everything around us changes , and when this happens our life shifts into a better and lighter direction.

It is a steady journey, we have to maintain our beliefs ,our health and our commitments, to better ourself's, this involves discipline , and it's more than just one thing, we need to care about the mind, body and soul.

How you go through your day , will show you where you need more attention, do you work in a very harsh and stressful place?

Then you need to take some time to balance that with some calmness, meditation, exercise and relaxation , do you sit and watch the news once you are done withyour work day, take a good break for yourself.

Are you in front of a screen all day?

Then you need to go outside and connect with the environment, read a book, listen to nature, sit by a river and if you can place your feet in the running water.

These are all natural ways to call in the balance of energy in your body, mind and soul, calling back your God giving power, the balance, the organic force that you have within you, you are made of this, don’t wait for someone else to save you, don't give your power away so easily , be in discernment of your own life , and connect with that energy that you already have with in you .

Inward statements are huge, they can switch the brain wave, if you constantly think and speak negatively to or about yourself , that is exactly what you get more of, but if you start by changing the wording’s : "I can’t never do anything right"- to : "I am trying my best and will get better" , it already sends a message to your brain and your muscles to relax a little , and slowly you will find that your nerve system is a lot more relaxed, and your life is improving daily, remember that this will take time, have patience , and have faith.

We often don’t notice some of our body’s signals, or we discard them easily, it could be many different reasons why we don’t pay attention to them, I want to encourage you to take a look to your life stressors, and see what could be improved.

When I was in my 30s my stress at my job had gotten so bad, that one day I felt my heart was going to jump out of my chest, started to see spots or stars in my vision and feeling fainting , when I called the head nurse over to check my blood pressure her face turned white, my reading was so high that she had never seen that before, she immediately sent me to my doctor and then home, I knew I was stressed, but didn’t know to what level, 2 small children, lots of bills, mortgage and the work situation just put me over the top,I begged my doctor to give me a leave for about 3 weeks, He did not believe me that this was the cause of my stress, but agreed to give me a leave from work and that before I returned to work he wanted to see me again, his words was" I would have not believed it if I did not see it" my blood pressure was back to normal.

So I went back to work, and as I walked through the doors I could feel like a band that tightened around my chest, the the heat of my blood rising to my head, instantly I felt sick again, and right there I gave my notice to leave.

My life took me into a different direction that I would have not gone down if this did not happen, If I stayed I probably would have been very sick, and not been where I am now.

Now I am working with Meditation , Herbs and oils to take better care of myself and my family.

If you want to check out my products you can find them on instagram @ Carmelea's Sacred Remedies .

with much Love


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