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A friend once gave me this advice ............

Never carry someone else luggage.

I will explain what I mean by luggage as you reed along.

Life is a learning journey.

As I walked my path, I have often felt tired, overwhelmed and frustrated.

life was hard, and it has been a wild ride, being the youngest in the family often times I

felt as if I did not belong, I never fitted in with my siblings or most of my friends.

this left me feeling tired most of the time, and often I would feel exhausted, the times that I would be feeling great was the times I spent outside with the animals, or with Nature.

Going to school also was a challenge, I often felt left out, in fact most days I was bullied, made fun of, been used, and threatened.

Along with all of that, I often felt ill, it was ok when I would be alone with my animals or in Nature, away from crowds, sometimes I would hide in the school yard to be away from all the other kids and feel calmer.

Forward many years ahead, and now I totally understand where all those feeling where coming from, and what was happening to me.

In fact often times I had felt as if I had two different personalities, felt confused, frustrated, and left feeling like I did not fit in anywhere, no one understood me.

Many years have passed, my life has had many challenges, experiences and amazing outcomes.

I did not know what was happening at the time, I had no Idea of the Spiritual side of myself, that I am able to feel, sense, and take on others peoples emotions, feelings and energies, this is the luggage that my friend was talking about. I am a sensitive Empath. and as an empath we tend to take on other peoples emotions and their feelings.

We can only carry one luggage at the time, some of us want to help others by alleviating their load, but this is not the best way for them and us to learn and grow.

I now know that I am a sensitive empath, that all those years I was taking on everyone's feelings, everyone's luggage, and often felt frustrated and mad when I couldn't help others feel better, or a couldn't find a solution for their personal issues, I felt responsible if someone got hurt or upset, it wasn't my fault, but I felt as if it was.

I had to learn my own limits, my own ability, my own boundaries, I had to learn to say NO, that was a big lessons for me, as an empath the last thing I wanted to do is upset someone, or turn someone away, I had to learn to carry only my own luggage, that I can't carry everyone else's , we have to own up to our own responsibilities.

I also want you to know that, being a sensitive empath it is not a curse but a superpower! An Empath has the advantage of having their own inward lie detective device, once you have learned to put down every one else's luggage, and only have your own, you can now distinguish your own feelings and what they "feel" and "sense" like, our own unique energy signature, and you can now navigate through the bullshit of everything else's.

knowing your own energetic signature or feelings, your own abilities, is finding the solution to a long struggle of not fitting in with the crowd.

You are in your own lane, one that is filled with many potentials, many amazing outcomes, finding your own voice, being able to believe in yourself, and finely understanding why all those years, you where feeling sick to your stomach, confused, frustrated and much more. Not all Empath feel the same things, some of us have a much better understanding of this sensitivity. As an Empath I have to take time out for myself, being in a chaotic place will literally make me ill, so I have to know my limits of being in places like that.

Give yourself the gift of being worth it, give yourself the gift of priority, your own well being is important, this will help you enjoy your family and life as a whole in a much more pleasurable way.

So if you know that you are constantly carrying others luggage's, please put them down and only carry your own, you will feel lighter, and you will be able to help so many more around you.

Having the understanding of your own abilities will help you to navigate life.

with much Love to all .



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