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Awaking The Energy

When we all look around, it is safe to assume that we are all struggling in some way, shape or form during this chaotic period. Feelings of stress combined with the swirling energies that the world is experiencing right now is less than an ideal situation.


This is why my Spirit Helpers have urged me as well as guided me to bring this class to the forefront and add it to my Healing Class Calendar.


For the last little while, I have been practicing and implementing this routine (10-15 minutes) into my day and have noticed a significant reduction in my stress levels as well as the calming effects it has had on my mind. Qi gong is the ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that involves meditation, controlled breathing, and movement exercises. When energies get stuck or stagnant, that is when blocks happen. Those blocks can cause illness and other impairments within our bodies. I can personally attest that it has aided me in healing a pain in my shoulder that no one was able to pinpoint its source or remove for years.  

Awaking the Energy


Awakening the energy flow for a better you.    


This class aims to inspire not only sedentary individuals, but anyone to get their bodies moving and the energy flowing.

In the current world we are moving through now, times can be difficult and demanding. I would love to see you take 1 hour and pamper yourself. Consider this YOUR time! I can promise that moving forward you’ll notice better concentration, a calmer mind, uplifted mood and over all better energy flow through your body.

Total Class Time: 1hour

Class Structure:

  • 25 minutes of Qi gong to awaken our energy and 5 minutes to ground/calm our energy

  • 30 minutes for a short mediation which may change class to class based on what I am being guided to provide for what the souls participating may need for that day


Class Date:

  • Friday  @ 7 pm



  • $10.00 PER class

    • Payment can be made via EMT. Please email to confirm your spot as well as dates you will be in attendance.

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