Carmela Lamanna

Spiritual Medium


I am a certified energy healer, spiritual teacher, medium, and empath. I have taken many courses locally and internationally, development skills in spiritualism, meditation. As a result I became a better person, more attuned with my soul and soul purpose.

I have had many life experiences in helping people and also myself. All my life I have had people, friends, and family members come to me with their life problems, as a result they always left with a much better attitude, feeling lighter, and with a sense of empowerment.

(There is much more to life than just being present and showing up to work every day)

A Medium is someone who has the ability to communicate with spirit. This could be in multiple ways or just one of the following:  seeing, hearing or feeling the spirits around you. As a medium I have a duty in passing on the messages that comes to me from the spirit realm.